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♦ If you would like to get an estimate for the cost of your project, please fill out the form below, and the owner will contact you with a quote. Someone may contact you first to get more details or more specific ideas on what you are wanting. Wether you just want a facelift, some additional program(s) for an existing site, or a complete new design, we can help. If there are any areas that do not apply, or you do not understand fully, just leave them blank. ♦ In a hurry?? Use our Short Form.

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If you have not purchased a Domain Name yet, please give me some ideas of what you are considering for a website name, and allow me some time to research a name before buying one.

3. About This Project
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5. Website Content
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How often will you add to or change the content?
Who will update or add to the content?

6. Functionality
What functional requirements do you believe to be necessary? Examples: Password Protected Areas, Download Areas, Database, Ecommerce...
If you're looking for an ecommerce site, what type of products do you sell, and approximatly how many products are you selling? ALSO, do you want to sell through the site, or just display your products?
Have you chosen a hosting company? If so, who?

7. Competitive Analysis
Try to find three or more websites on the Web that relate to your project and copy their URL's/domain names so I can get a good idea of what your looking for.
Other websites you like in regards to design, functionality, or usability: (these do not need to have any relation to your business, products, or website purpose)
If you have any competitors, please enter the URL of their sites:

8. Comments - Miscellaneous Information
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