Alpha Designs, is the end of your search for a Complete Website Design, Website Hosting, or Website Modification Service. Our staff of Designers and Programmers will be able to handle almost any requirement you have from Complete Website Creation to Hosting Your Website, including Custom Programs that run in the background to make both the owners and visitors experience smooth and interactive. Our staff has over 35 years total programming and design experience. Between our staff members, we have experience in HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, PHP, PERL, CGI, SSL Certificates, SEO, Databases, along with Graphics, Sound, Video, and Flash. We have a 100% Satisfaction, Money Back Guarantee on all of our Website Creation and Design Services.

Alpha Designs can help you with finding that perfect Domain Name(URL), to Registration of your new Website Name. We offer our Clients a complete Support Ticket System to help with any questions, or problems that may arise. We offer complete Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for all of our Clients Websites, to get your website listed on the Major Search Engines as fast and accurately as possible. Hosting your website through our services(optional) is done on our own Private Dedicated Server, and includes your own personal Content Managment System (file manager).

Dynamic Content What can we say but.. Now you're cooking with peanut oil! There is nothing we like more than creating pages with Dynamic Content. Dynamic content (aka adaptive content) refers to web content that changes based on the behavior, preferences, and interests of the user. It refers to a websites content and is generated with or without a users request. Dynamic content is personalized and adapts based on the data you have about the user and on the access time, its goal being to deliver an engaging and satisfying online experience for the visitor.

WordPress One word.. NO. We do not use wordpress, or work on any site that uses wordpress. We actually create your website from nothing. Each is unique in design and style. We do not use ANY software or pre-made template to create a website for you. Each website should be as individual as the person or business is.

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