Custom Website Programs

♦ There are Two Basic Types of Website Applications or Code. Either of these types can be incorporated into a new website design, or integrated into an existing website. The choice is yours.

1. Custom Website Applications (covered on this page), or

2. Existing Website Applications. (Common Programs)

♦ A web application (or Custom Code) is an application that is accessed over a network such as the Internet. Web applications are programs that run in the background of websites, and display information in a way your visitors can can access easily. These are the programs that make websites interactive with its visitors. Web applications can be created to do almost anything the client wants to happen on his/her website. Applications are programs that access information (data) from some type of database of information. These databases can contain any type or amount of information from a music list to written articles to numerical data and anything in between.

♦ Some examples of Custom Code are Contact Forms, Mailing Lists, Calendars, File Uploading / Downloading Capabilities, Flash Projects, Video Players, Sound Players, Etc. These applications are generally written in CGI, PERL, Flash, Javascript, or PHP. Some applications use AJAX or JQuery. Basically, Custom Code can manipulate anything that can be displayed on a website that has information that can vary. Information that needs to be added, modified, or deleted, and then displayed. Custom Code can be written to either allow only the website administrator (you) to access it, or programs can be created to allow visitors to create an account, and modify this information in any way the administrator chooses.

♦ In the case of Custom Code, we charge for the design and creation of the actual program code. This also includes the time it takes to install and test this code in your website. Testing and perfecting the correct operation of these programs sometimes takes longer than the writting process itself. Once the operational programs are shown to the client, there is usually some tweaking that has to be done. This is normally due to additional factors the client did not take into consideration in the original planning stages of the programs operation.

♦ Our fees can vary depending on the complexity of what the client is wanting the programs to do. Our Base Custom Code Fee is $10.00 per hour if your website is Hosted through our services, or $15.00 per hour if your website is hosted through another service. This fee can be higher if the programs are of a more complex nature, but generally our Base Custom Code Fee will cover most projects.

♦ You will find that our Base Custom Code Fee is much lower than what most programmers charge. You will find programmers that charge from $50 to $100+ per hour for custom programs. Our lower fees do not affect the quality of our work. The reason being is that we love what we do, and we don't feel the need to penalize our clients for needing programming code written specifically for their purpose.

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