Common Website Programs

♦ There are Two Basic Types of Website Applications or Code. Either of these types can be incorporated into a new website design, or integrated into an existing website. The choice is yours.

1. Custom Website Applications (Custom Programs), or

2. Existing Website Applications. (covered on this page)

♦ Common Code is Programs that are already created by other programmers, are Open Source, and can be used by anyone for no fee, or applications that the client has purchased a license to use. This includes Blogs, Forums, Photo Galleries, Etc. In the case of Common Code, we do not charge for the programs themselves, but the time it takes to install and test them in your website.

♦ Some programs just need to be uploaded to your website host, file permissions set, and an installer program run to set initial settings. This process is simple to a programmer, but can be difficult and time consuming for an inexperienced user. File Permissions and initial program settings can determine just how hacker-proof your website is. This is where having an experienced programmer install these programs comes in.

♦ Having an experienced programmer can save the client several hours of frustration, and possibly loosing thousands of hours of work, user profiles, or hundreds of images because a hacker got inside your website programs and deleted everything. Having a good backup of your entire website and any information stored there should be a primary concern for any website administrator(you). Also, an experienced programmer, can teach you how these programs operate and how to administer them properly.

♦ Our Fees for these installations and testing are generally higher than our Base Custom Code Fees, but installation can generally be completed in a much shorter time frame. The time for installation and testing can vary depending on the complexity of the programs operation and number of individual programs that are contained in that entire application. Some simple forum applications have thousands of individual programs and files that operate together to make the application function and be visually appealing to your visitors. Due to these points, each installation is priced individually.

♦ These types of programs are frequently used by websites such as yahoo, google, facebook, twitter, myspace, search engines and larger websites.

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