Basic Website Hosting
Basic Plan Basic Hosting Plan
$5.00 Per Month

♦ Whether you’re building your first website or seeking to improve the one you have, you can be online quickly – and inexpensively – with a Web presence that clearly communicates your vision. You’ll have everything you need to create and maintain your own dynamic website! All hosting and web editing tools are included.
♦ This Plan is Un-Supervised. Any website changes made by Alpha Designs are $10.00 per hour.

♦ Unlimited Web pages.
♦ 50 MB's of online storage on our Private, Dedicated Server.
♦ 5 e-mail addresses. We will set these up for you.
♦ Your domain name (URL) registration is $15.00 per year (Existing domain transfer $15.00.)
Create / Supply Your Own Design or we can design it for you. Content can easily be edited with your Personal File Manger to suit the needs of yourself, your organization, or your group.
♦ Storage, Uploading, Usage is restricted to the following file types: htm, html, txt, js, inc, php, css, xml, cgi, pl, bmp, jpg, jpeg, gif, png, doc, pdf, swf, flv, mp3, wav, mid, & zip.
♦ All site and content hosting included, with Unlimited access to our Support Site.
♦ Publish your site, make any changes and manage your account from an Internet-enabled Windows PC or Macintosh computer.
♦ Use the most popular browsers – Internet Explorer 7+ (Windows only), Firefox (Mac and Windows), Chrome (Mac and Windows), or Safari (Mac and Windows).
♦ Monthly: $5.00 (Plans are paid Annually: $60.00)
♦ One-time setup fee: $25.00
♦ Hosting Fees are Per Website (URL).
♦ There are No Refunds on unused Hosting Time (if you move elsewhere).
Already Have a Website? We can move it For You !!
♦ If you already have a website with another host, and would like us to host your website, we will move it to our server for you.
♦ Due to the different types of programs, and languages, we can not guarantee that it will function the same on our server. We will do our best. If you are not sure, we can find out in advance or possibly make needed changes to adapt it to our server.
♦ One-time transfer fee: $25.00
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