Website Design Fees

♦ With our Custom Website Design, the sky is the limit. Each design is Created Specifically for you or your organization. If you want a professional to create and design an entire website to your specification, we have the team you. You decide which of our many modules are installed, from Photo Albums to Forums. We can even create any number of programs to meet any specific purpose you want to have on your website. We can create programs to deliver any type of information you want to display with a full Administrative Control Panel so YOU can Add, View, Change or Edit that information easily.

♦ Rates can vary drastically from site to site, and programmer to programmer. With the diversity of information, graphics, flash, video, sound files, etc. that can be placed on a site, it is very difficult, if not impossible to estimate a total cost. Our 'Basic Design Fee' for a Custom Design starts at $300.00. This includes a complete website design and a 30 page limit. After the original website is completed, additional pages are added or created at a rate of $10.00 per hour if your site is hosted on our server, or $15.00 per hour if you site is hosted elsewhere. Content referes to the information that is placed on a page for the visitors to view, from simple text to graphics, flash, etc.

♦ Our 'Basic Design Fee' does not include Custom Code for Flash Projects, Video Players, Sound Players, or Website Applications. Custom Program fees are independent of website design costs and vary depending on the complexity of that you need. We can supply an exact price for these programs as long as we have every detail of what you want them to do in advance.

♦ Our 'Basic Design Fee' of $300.00 also applies to converting existing websites to an entirely new design. Simply modifying the format of an existing site is generally lower, but depends on the extent of what needs to be modified, the number of pages, and time it takes to complete.

♦ We do not place any limit on the number of pages in a website, or for hosting a website. Once a basic design is created for a site, adding additional pages is generally a very easy process, although sometimes time consuming. The only limit is the storage space for each site. As an example, this entire website with all pages, graphics, and content only uses approximatly 10 MB (Megabytes) of storage. Our BASIC Hosting includes 50 MB's of storage. That is Five(5) Times More storage space than this entire website. This site has 21 Pages.

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