Website Options

♦ Here are just a few of the Thousands of Possible Options that can be added to a website :

♦ Photos, Photo Album, Photo Slide Show, Surveys, Polls, Voting System, Newsletter Subscription, PDF Creation(dompdf), Video(s), Custom Video Player, Selectable-Multiple Video Player, Background Sounds, Sound File Player, Selectable-Multiple Sound Player, Calendars (full page/partial page/small side column), Banners, News Events, News Tickers (horizontal/vertical), File Uploading / Downloading, Contact Form, Website Search Engines, Buttons, Reservation Form, Blogs, Graphics, Want Ads/Classified Ads, Movies, Forums, Shopping Carts, SSL Certificates, Guestbooks, FAQ Programs, Visitor Tracking & Statistics, Printable Forms - Invitations - Labels ...Use Your Imagination, or get ideas from other websites.

♦ The internet is an absolute whirlwind of ideas which we could not even start to put into words when it comes to what can be created for use on a website. Generally, after several questions about what you want, what you offer, what you sell, or what ideas/information you want to display, we can give you some good suggestions on what you might want to add...

♦ This is what we do. This is what we Enjoy. To take Your Ideas and Create what you want, need, or desire for your website. Nothing is displayed to the world until you approve of the design or operation of what you want.

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